Autumn Favourites/Essentials 2016

by - 20.10.16

Autumn is just around the corner (although it can very much be felt here in Belgium!), bringing beautiful orange colours and cozy clothes. I'm going to be sharing all the things I love/am loving for the season like my favourite makeup and some other random favourites. I don't change things up too much for Autumn but I go all out in Winter so if you want to see an updated favourites/essentials then let me know.

And this post is going up a bit early because I'm super super busy this weekend and I'll be away on Sunday. I hope you guys enjoy this post. I really want to know what kinds of posts you guys want to see to let me know.

Nivea BB Cream (Shade: Medium)|About 10 Euros

For the colder months, I use a lighter shade BB cream. I still don't like to wear Foundation to school because I just feel like it is too heavy and it isn't practical since I do sports every day. This BB cream has a slightly thicker consistency than the Maybelline one but it still blends out really nicely with both brushes and a beauty blender. It gives a slightly better coverage than other BB cream however I will say that you should swatch the shades before purchasing because they do seem a bit on the darker side. I've just started trying this out so I can't form a full opinion on but I'll update you guys soon.

LOreal Color Riche Lipstick (Shade: 430-Mon Jules)|Birthday Present but I think it's about 8-9 Euros

Although I'm not allowed to wear bright lipstick to school, I thought I would still recommend three of my favourites. This first one is a gorgeous berry red/pink colour and can be built up to have a darker colour. It has a nice consistency, it's creamy but doesn't feel drying on the lips. I think that this is shade that can be worn all year round because it can be smudged to create a lighter colour.

Maybelline Super Stay 14h Lipstick (Shade:075-Timeless Crimson)|About Rs.700 or 8 Euros

I LOVE THIS. I cannot rave about this lipstick enough (and I'm sure this won't be the last time you're gonna hear about it!). It's creamy, moisturizing, rich and feel amazing on your lips. It lasts all day even when you eat. I like to use this with the Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Liner (Shade: 540-Hollywood Red). They both look flawless together and create a killer red lip. It's great for warm skin tones and really brightens up the face. It has a matte finish.

MAC Matte Lipstick (Shade: D for Danger)|Birthday Present but usually about 16 Euros

I know lots of people rave about MAC lipsticks but I honestly think that the Maybelline one is just as good. I personally don't think about investing in an expensive lipstick just yet when you can get ones that are just as good for half the price. Maybe this one has slightly more staying power and you get a larger variety of shades, and that's why people like it more. I think that if I maybe had a more wearable colour, I would enjoy using it more because I can hardly use these dark colours. But none the less, I like the formula and the feel of it on the lips.

(From Top to Bottom: Maybelline, L'Oreal, MAC-I know that swatches aren't that good, sorry!)

Essence Long Lasting Pencil Liner (Shade: 02-Hot Chocolate)| 0.99 cents

I love a good brown eyeliner for the Autumn. This is only one I have and I have to say that I'm not enjoying it that much. I've actually lost my other one. It's not very pigmented and doesn't last at all during the day, but for the price I guess you can't complain. I think it would look a lot better on fairer skin tones because it would show up more.

Lotus Herbals Strawberry Lipbalm|Rs.125 or 1.70 Euros

This is a must-have for the colder months. It moisturizes your lips so well and smells (and tastes!) really nice. It's really affordable as well and you get more than enough product. I like to apply this overnight so that my lips can heal and they always feel SO much better in the morning. You don't need to reapply it often. All in all, definitely an essential and I recommend that all of you try it out as well.

The Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter|Birthday Present 

I received this in a set for my birthday. It came with 5 lip butters but I think this one and the Strawberry one are my favourites. They're really hydrating and they work well to heal chapped lips. I think that I do prefer the other one a bit more. These do feel a bit heavy when applied to the lips and you do need to reapply so they seem to run out faster than my other lipbalms. I think it retails at 20 Pounds and each one is 4 Pounds, so it's not like you get a deal when you buy the set.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer for Combination Skin|Rs.300 or 5 Euros

I'm sure I've raved about it enough so I'm not going to go on about it. I use this all the time and it's an amazing and affordable moisturizer for all year round. Works great under makeup as a base, it isn't too oily and I just love it! 100% a holy grail product for me.

The Body Shop Body Butter-Frosted Cranberry|10 Euros

Every year, the Body Shop brings out a exclusive new scent for the Christmas time. Two years ago, it was the Frosted Cranberry scent and I FELL IN LOVE. I know this may not be for everyone but I honestly just love the scent. It's the perfect balance between a Fall and Winter scent and it lasts so long just like the other Body Butters. I've been treasuring this because they won't bring it back again but sadly I don't think it will even last this Winter. If any of you know where I can find it, then PLEASE PLEASE let me know!

Yves Rocher Spicy Vanilla Hand Cream|Christmas Present

I got this as a Christmas Present last year as part of a gift set. Although the other two smell good as well, this one is my favourite of the lot. I love the smell of vanilla and this hand cream smells like a warm, vanilla spice cake. It's not too thick and it feels smooth on your hands.


Elizabeth Taylor-Diamonds and Emeralds Perfume|15 Euros (but bought in Dubai)

I actually picked this up a while ago, but I've only just gotten round to trying it. It's a nice floral scent, which I know isn't typical for Fall but that doesn't bother me. It is quite a strong scent so a even one spray on the wrists goes a long way. The packaging is beautiful. It won me over when I saw it because it looks so old Hollywood Glam to me. However I don't think it's good enough to be one of my all time favourites just because it can be a little too strong at times and it's not exactly what usually like to wear. 


These are my top three nailpolishes at the moment. They all apply well and are all very affordable. I like to have a nice variety of colours to suit my mood and I won't always alternate between these. I might throw a few more in from time to time but these are my go-to nailpolishes when I'm not sure.

NYC In a Minute Shine Nailpolish (Shade: It's rubbed off but I think it is Rivington Red)|2.99 Euros

Maybelline Color Show Nailpolish (Shade:220-Blackout)|4 Euros

Essence Nailpolish (Shade:132-Breakthrough)|1.60 Euros

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