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by - 9.10.16

When I did my Summer Skincare and Makeup Buys post, I had purchased some more things from the American brand, Amway but I decided not to haul them because I wanted to do a separate, dedicated post on their products. One of my aunt's friends gave her these products and she passed them to me because I've been really getting a lot more into skincare recently and I wanted to try them out to see if they were any good. I also tried three of their makeup products so I think I have a good variety of items to talk about. 

I had never heard of this company before but Amway is an American brand. Amway stands for American Way and they a good variety of product options. Most of this stuff is from the Attitude range but I also have two products from the Artistry Essentials range, which is a more expensive and better quality range.


Amway-Attitude 3 in 1 Waterproof Mascara| Rs.599 or €8.09

I'm not a huge fan of this mascara. It promises to curl, lengthen and add volume to your lashes but it actually makes my lashes look almost flat even after I curled my lashes before using it. However it does lengthen your lashes and I do like the consistency of the product. I prefer using this on my lower lashes but honestly, not really a stand out product; it's not something I would reach for if I had another choice. And for the price, I don't think it's worth it.

Rating: 2.5/5

Amway-Attitude Lipgloss (Shade: Strawberry Pink)| Rs. 365 or €4.93

I really like this lipgloss. It's not too sticky, it has a nice natural colour and it's good value for money. I don't wear lipgloss everyday but I enjoyed the feel of it on my lips on the days that I did wear. I think it would look great over a lipstick and by itself. The lasting power is okay but when you eat, it does come off a bit but I think for the price, you can't complain.

Rating: 4/5

Amway-Kajal Eye Pencil (Shade: Coal)|Rs.275

This is my favourite product. It's creamy, has a smooth application, doesn't smudge and the colour payoff is amazing. I can't fault anything. The only thing I would say, is that it has to be sharpened (not a twisty pencil) which can be annoying sometimes but that's probably cause I'm lazy! :) This really matches up to my Maybelline Colossal Kajal and is now one of my new favs.

Rating: 5/5


Amway-Attitude Moisturizer (for Normal to Dry Skin)|Rs.654

This is the product I've been trying for the longest and I honestly don't like it that much. I don't like consistency and it doesn't feel moisturizing. I actually have Combination Skin and I ended up buying the wrong product as you guys can see but that's okay because my skin becomes quite dry once I've washed my face. The thing that is really off putting is the smell. Now I'm not one to be picky about the smell of products because usually I can handle it even if it is strong, however this just gives me a headache. The smell is there all day and even after you put makeup on. I do like that it has a pump because that makes it a lot easier to use if you're in a rush. Just not too impressed by it. It's just too expensive for what it offers.

Rating: 2/5

Amway-Attitude Toner (for Normal to Oily Skin)|Rs.409

I love this toner. It feels refreshing on the skin and it also has a pump which prevents any spills. I like to use this after washing my face and applying moisturizer. It provides a nice base for makeup. However I will say that this also has a smell but I actually like it and it's strong. This is nearly at the level of my Nivea Toner which is my favourite one but the Amway one is less expensive.

Rating: 4.5/5

Amway-Attitude Be Bright Day Cream w/SPF 15|Rs.549

I'm not one to believe in brightness creams. I've tried my fair share and none of them have ever worked for me but this one does. It's not amazing but I've noticed a slight difference when I use it alongside my Lotus Herbals Anti-Tan Face Mask and Scrub. It's quite a thick cream and a little bit definitely does go a long way. I like to put this on my neck because my neck it actually darker than my face at the moment. The only downside is that it comes in a pot and if it was in a pump like the others, it would be a lot more convenient to use.

Artistry Essentials Face Wash|Rs.1099 and Hydrating Toner|Rs.1099

I haven't actually gotten a chance to test these out but they're supposed to be a better/more professional version of the Attitude Range. They're made with better ingredients and are supposed to work better but I will definitely update you on that. What I don't like about this toner is that it doesn't have a pump like the other one and the opening is quite big. The face wash leaks as well, and I struggled to bring it back to Belgium from India. I don't know if it's just the one I got but if that's the case with all of them, then they really need to upgrade their packaging. These are definitely more on the expensive side so I hope they're worth it.

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  1. The mascara sounds like it's right up my street; I always look for that extra length and curl! xx
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

    1. It's amazing and it lasts for such a long time. Definitely worth the buy! x Nikita


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