Drugstore Makeup Haul + First Impressions (COLLAB!)

by - 16.1.17

Recently, I've been picking up some new makeup and I've received quite a bit for Christmas as well so I wanted to gather them all up into one big post and give you guys my first impressions on all of them. I've got quite a few Essence products and a some new brushes. Everything is really affordable and overall, I'm really impressed with everything. I love you all to pluto and beyond. I mean it from the bottom of my heart! xx

I'm also SO excited to say that this is a collab with Guilianna who blogs over at Guilianna Marie. You can check out her post which is a post which is all about new beauties to her makeup collection over HERE. I'll leave all her links down below so make sure you pop on over and share the love! She's such an amazing, gorgeous girl and I've had the most amazing time working with her. I'm sure we'll remain in touch for a long time. x

If you're coming from Guilianna's blog, then I'm so happy you stopped by and I hope you'll stay for a while. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read my ramblings!

Essence Powder Brush and Essence Blush Brush

Both these brushes are extremely soft and they both pick up/apply product well. They also travel friendly because they're smaller than my Primark brushes. They're really cute as well and what I like about them, is that they have names written on them (if that makes sense), so that you know what they're for if you are just starting out with makeup. They also come in a little plastic case that can be closed/opened again if you open it correctly the first time. This comes in really handy for travelling.

Essence Precise Eyeliner Brush

This eyeliner brush is so good. At first I thought that it was too small but it's actually the perfect size. It's very precise and it's stiff but not too stiff, if you get what I mean. This brush also comes with a plastic case so again, it's makes it a lot easier to travel with. I like to dip this into my EOS (sounds strange, I know) and then dip it into a black eyeshadow and it works perfectly to line my eyes. You should definitely try it out.

Essence Eyebrow Brush

I've never filled in my eyebrows before but this brush made it so easy. Once again, the brush picks up product well. And surprisingly, filling in my eyebrows made me look more alive and put together. The brush is slightly angled and this makes it easy to fill in the brows. It didn't even take me 5 minutes to fill them in with this brush.

Essence Eyebrow Gel: Colour and Shape (Shade: 01-Brown)

As I said before, I've never filled in my eyebrows before so at first I wasn't sure how to use this but I watched a few tutorials (trusty Youtube lol) and I gave it a shot. It actually turned out pretty well. I have reasonably thick eyebrows and since I haven't had them done in a while, it made the job a bit harder. But this gel is good although at first, it was a bit hard to get the product onto the brush. I think once the first layer was taken of, it was fine. Together with the brush, it makes filling them in so easy. I went through my brows with the Essence make me eyebrow gel mascara (which again is really good) afterwards and they look amazing.

Essence Mosaic Blush (Shade: 40-The Berry Connection)

The packaging is transparent which is usual of the Essence products, which makes is easy to see the product inside. This is a really pretty shimmering blush. What I love most, is the beautiful mosaic pattern; it's a 3D design and I don't even want to use the blush because it's that pretty. You just swirl all the colours together because I think that choosing all the colours individually from each triangle is nearly impossible. These have a nice sheen and shimmer to them. They're not glittery and apply very smoothly on the cheeks. These are available in four colours (ranging from pink to brown)

Essence Matt Touch Blush (Shade: 20-Berry Me Up)

As you can see, there's a bit of a berry trend going on here. Of course, this is another amazing blush by Essence and has now become a staple in my everyday makeup. It's a gorgeous berry shade and it's perfect for the winter, although I'm sure I'll be wearing this throughout the year. It has good pigmentation and as usual, it's very affordable. It goes with every look and you can build it up to have the colour you want. It would look great on every skin tone. Definitely check these out if you can!

I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts Blusher (Shade: Candy Queen of Hearts)

This is a triple baked blush and I've always wanted to try this. I've heard people rave about it and I can see why. It's a nice pinky shimmery colour that gives a nice flush to the cheeks. Somedays, I just skip the highlight and use this as a 2-in-1 blush and highlight. I swirl all the colours together and apply it to my cheeks. It has good pigmentation and is definitely buildable. You can always use them separately if you prefer. It's a nice everyday blush. Plus the packaging is super cute!

I Heart Makeup Golden Bar Eyeshadow Palette 

Full review of this palette over HERE

(Sneak Peak of Review: I LOVE IT!)

NYC City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color (Shade: 20-Riverside Rose)

This chubby stick is like a tinted lipbalm. It has a very sheer colour but it gives a 'your lips but better' kind of effect. It's easy to apply on the go and you don't need a mirror. However, I could live without the scent, although I can see how some people may like it. It's kind of a weird fruity scent. It's good for something natural but the colour payoff isn't great. I was expecting something more. I think it would work better for paler skin. If you're looking for a lipstick, then I suggest not buying this. Also, I don't know if it's just my one, but the lid seems kinda loose and I'm afraid that one day, it's going to get all over my bag. We'll have to see!

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops (Shade: Darkening)

I have been dying to get this for ages. Living in a country where it's hard to get affordable makeup that will match my face colour, this is just a lifesaver. For those of you who have never heard of this, it's basically a pigment that you can add to any foundation or BB cream to darken the shade of the product. I tried this with my new Avon BB Cream and it worked so well. They also have Lightening drops so if you have pale skin, then you can use that to lighten your face makeup. A little definitely goes a long way. 1-2 drops can change the colour by a shade or two. I'm so excited to be able to test out new foundations because I won't have to worry about the shade matching anymore.

Kruidvat- Tinted Day Cream (Shade: Medium)

Kruidvat is a very affordable brand here in Belgium (and I think the Netherlands as well) that is kinda like Boots in the UK. You can find a lot of different makeup brands like Essence there as well as a bunch of other random stuff. They also have their own range of products. I really like this BB Cream. It's cheaper than the Maybelline one and I actually like this one better. It has a nice consistency, slightly on the thicker side but it blends very easily. I like to use a stippling brush and just buff it in but it works just as well with a sponge. It all depends on the finish that you want. A sponge gives less coverage than using a brush. I want to test out more of their makeup and skincare now because I was so pleased with this.

Essence Superfine Eyeliner

Oh my god this eyeliner is my new favourite. The tip is so fine which makes it unbelievably easy to line your eyes. It's super pigmented and even for someone who isn't that experienced with eyeliner, it flows on like a dream. It's extremely long-lasting but this one isn't waterproof. They do have similar waterproof options. 100% recommend getting this if you can. It's so cheap as well. I think it's around 3 Euros. A gem from Essence!

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  1. Hey! Long time no talk! I'm not much into make-up...and by that I mean that I dash it on the best that I can. However, I do appreciate good packaging and the 'I Heart Makeup Golden Bar Eye shadow Palette' is very well presented.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! On a day to day basis, I usually just go for some powder, blush and a bit of mascara but I always like to branch out and try new things. I'm glad you liked the post! xx Nikita

  2. I loved collabing with you, Nikita! (I apologize it took me so long to comment-- it is currently the end of my school semester, so I've had a lot of tests and projects to work on.) You're so sweet and I am so glad that we got to work together. I look forward to collabing with you again. xx


    1. I loved collabing with you too! And it's honestly no problem. You don't need to apologize! I completely understand you, I'm also currently doing my mocks. I'm glad that I discovered you and your blog and I look forward to putting together some amazing posts with you too! xx Nikita


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