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by - 19.2.17

I've been wanting to test out H&M Makeup for a while now but it's not that easily available here so when I saw there was a store with the range whilst out on a shopping trip, I couldn't resist picking up a few bits. They have some gorgeous things in their beauty range and I wanted to try everything. (Hopefully soon!) I love you all to pluto and beyond. I mean it from the bottom of my heart! xx

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Starting off with the packaging, I think H&M have got the perfect minimalist and geometric design that runs through their range. I'd much rather have minimalistic packaging than something tacky or too over-the-top. I'm a huge fan of gold and black as a combination; it's just effortless and classic so it appeals to lots of people. I will say that it's not the most sturdy because in the end, it is plastic. The lid on my eyeliner is loose so I won't be able to take it with me when I travel which is a shame. But the dip eyeliner pot is made of a glass material which is obviously better so I think it just depends on the product.

Selection-wise, they have a LOT of products to choose from. Eyeshadows for example: There are tons of eyeshadow shades that range from neutrals, to pinks, to more colourful shades. It really depends on what you're looking for. I had a quick count on the website and I think I counted about 60 different, single eyshadow shades plus they also have their eyeshadow palettes. I'm definitely giving the product/colour selection a big thumbs up!

Molten Fusion Eye Pencil (Shade: Pennine Way)//Euros

I like to use this as an eye pencil. It has amazing pigment and glides on the lower lash line. On the lash line, the colour pigment isn't as vibrant as it is if you were to use it on your eyelids but it still looks really beautiful and has a luxe metallic finish.

This is currently available in some H&M stores but if you want to pick it up, then you'll need to hurry because this was limited edition and it won't come back once the stocks have run out.

UPDATE: I've looked online for this everywhere and I can't seem to find it but I did find some other colours in their standard beauty range which are equally as beautiful.

Cream Blush (Shade: Dusty Rose)//Euros 7.99

This is the first cream blush I've tried but I really like the consistency and the feel. It's creamy, easy to blend and has a nice finish. I like to use this underneath a powder blush because it lasts longer. Unfortunately, I think that this shade, although really pretty and natural, is a bit light for my skin tone. It looks a bit pale and honestly, kind of out of place is I don't put a powder on top. I like to apply this with my fingers but you can easily use a brush. It can be a bit dry looking sometimes.

Gel Eyeliner (Shade: Deep Charcoal)//Euros

This is the first time that I've tried a gel eyeliner and I'm definitely not disappointed. It's really easy to apply because it's smooth and creamy, even for a beginner. It dries matte and doesn't smudge after it dries. The shade that I have originally seemed like a true black to me but it's more of a grey-black shade. I thought that I wouldn't like it but I've actually grown to like the colour quite a bit.

Eyebrow and Eyelash Brush//Euros 5.99

Since I've been getting into doing my eyebrows more recently, I decided to pick up a spoolie (I think that's what it's called). I find it a bit hard to brush product through my brows sometimes especially when using a powder because the powder seems to settle in the middle of my brows. So far, I've really been enjoying using this even when I'm not doing my brows just to brush them into place. It's also an oddly satisfying feeling to brush through my brows...just me? Okay probably.

Overall I'm really impressed but I don't think that I can make a judgement on the whole range until I've tried more of the H&M products. I'm really glad that I got my hands on the eye pencil before they got rid of it. If you have any products from H&M that you've tried and loved, then let me know so I can try them too! x

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  1. I had no idea H&M do make-up. I don't think they sell any in my nearest store. I must say thought that the cloth you've put the make up on in the pictures is divine! It's so pretty, I love the elephants. Is it a batik?

    1. I think they only have it at the bigger stores. And yes, it's batik. Gorgeous isn't it! Thanks for reading and commenting Marian. x Nikita


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