My 16th Birthday Wishlist

Hey guys! I'm going to be turning 16 soon and there are a few things that I want to ask for. I thought I'd share my wishlist with you because maybe it could give you some ideas about what you would like to ask for, for your birthday or even Christmas. There are mostly makeup bits here but I have included some other items. I understand that most of these things are really expensive but even if I just get one of these things, then I would be happy. And even if I don't get anything, or I get something that's not on this list, I will definitely love it equally as much, if not more because I REALLY appreciate gifts which people have put thought into. All of my friends know how much I love sweatshirts/hoodies, fluffy things and of course Pugs, but these are specific things that I could think of. I love you to pluto and beyond. I mean it from the bottom of my heart! xx

My 16th Birthday Wishlist

1. Primark PS Pro Oval Makeup Brushes (different sizes) (RECIEVED)
2. The Balm Cosmetics Betty-Lou Manizer (available at Di for my Belgian readers) (RECIEVED)
3. Pandora Bracelet + Charms (This is the thing that I want the most! I'm going to be asking my parents for this) (RECIEVED)
4. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost- King Tut
5. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost- Dark Horse (RECIEVED)
6. Nanshy Fan Brush (or any other Fan Brush) (RECIEVED)
7. Makeup Revolution ICONIC 3 Eyeshadow Palette (available at Di for my Belgian readers)
8. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and Concealer
9. Morphe 35P Eyeshadow Palette
10. Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush Set (available at Di for my Belgian readers)
11. Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set (available at Di for my Belgian readers) (RECIEVED)
12. Doug the Pug Book (RECIEVED)
13. White Marble Notebook (I want a new notebook to make my blog notes)
14. The Body Shop Pinita Colada Body Butter
15. The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation (Shade: 075-Caribbean Mahogany)
16. Lauren Conrad Beauty Book
17. Sleek Highlighting Palette (Shade: Cleopatra's Kiss) (available at Di for my Belgian readers) (RECIEVED)
18. L'Oreal Infallible 24hr Pro Matte Foundation
19. Hair Brush Hair Straightener
20. MUA Eyeshadow Palette (Shade: Undress Me Too)
21. Essence the Metals Single Eyeshadows (Shade: 06-Rose Razzle-Dazzle) (RECIEVED)
22. 16 Balloons (I've wanted to have these balloons for ages ever since I saw them at HEMA)
23. Pug Plushie

I've tried to link everything that I could find (none are affiliate) so that you could get them too if you like.


  1. I definitely want to get my hands on those makeup brushes from Primark too. I also really want to Lauren Conrad Beauty book. I love her to pieces. Lovely post, Nikita! x

    Happy early Birthday! xoxo

    1. I'm really excited to try all of these things! Hopefully I can get the brushes soon and review them to see if they're good. Thank you so much for your birthday wish and thanks again for reading and commenting! It means so much xx Nikita


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