5 Brands I Love and Want To Try More Of

I was looking through my makeup the other day when I realized that I had a few products from some brands that I love, but considering that I love them so much, I haven't actually tried a lot of their products. I'm sharing five of those brands today. If you've tried anything from any of these brands and are a fan of them, then let me know what I should try because they all have such big makeup ranges so it's quite hard to pick.

H&M is a brand that I tried reasonably recently and I loved the things I tried. Their molten eye pen is stunning (unfortunately I think that it was limited edition) and I definitely want to pick up more of their cream blushes. Mine is in "Dusty Rose" and I loooove the finish. It's so natural and effortless. I've heard that they have really nice single eyeshadows and their face powders are good too.

I've heard amazing things about NYX Cosmetics and I personally don't own any of their products, but they have so many great options so I want to try out some of their things. I borrowed my aunt's NYX eyeliner last year and it was so easy to apply. Considering I'm horrible at putting on liquid eyeliner, that was a major achievement. I've heard people raving about the MicroBrow Pencil and their Primers, so definitely want to pick those up.

Although Primark Makeup can be quite hit and miss, they seem to be coming out with some beautiful new launches at the moment. I've got my eye on their Unicorn Glow highlighter and they're Bronze and Highlight palette. I am obsessed with highlighters as we all know, so it doesn't hurt to try some more right? What I do like about Primark is that they have something for the majority of skin tones, something which other drugstore/affordable brands don't offer. If you're looking for some new makeup brushes, then I would 100% recommend the ones from Primark. They have so many options to choose from, they're so pretty and of course, super soft and they don't shed at all. I've had some of mine for a year now and they still haven't shed a hair! I recently reviewed their PS Pro Foundation, if you would like to check that out.

I love the look of The Balm Cosmetics's products. The comic-book style packaging is so fun and they're so travel friendly because of how lightweight they are. I LOVE their highlighters. My Manizer Sisters trio is my favourite highlighting palette. I also have their Nude Tude Eyeshadow Palette (Review coming soon! Hint: Big thumbs up). It's the perfect for an everyday look or even a darker, smoky eyeshadow look. On my list to try is Bahama Mama Bronzer, Cabana Boy Blush, Photobalm Powder Foundation and the Meet Matt(e) Trimony Eyeshadow Palette.

So I'm cheating a bit here because I haven't tried any of their products yet, but MUA is high on my list of brands to try. MUA is hard to find here in Belgium but I'm on the lookout to see where they sell it. MUA if you're reading this, then hit me up! Ahaha I'm just joking because that would never happen. I'm very curious about their "1 Pound" Range. I want to test it too see if it's any good because that would save all of us a LOT of money. I also read a review on someone's blog, but I've forgotten whose, about one of their highlighters. It. looked. STUNNING. As you already know, I loooove a good highlight so it needs to be put to the test.

What brands are you interested to try more of?
x Nikita


  1. Lovely picks! I love the sound of the H&M makeup range, people seem to find some really lovely bits and the packaging is super pretty!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Thank you! I see so many people talking about it and their aesthetic is perfect x Nikita

  2. Oh you 100% need to try out the NYX Microbrow Pencil! It's my go to brow pencil now, I haven't found anything better. I've never tried anything from H&M, so I'm definitely interested in trying something out from there, but I'd also like to try more from Kat Von D. That Shade and Light palette is calling my name!

    Olivia - The Northernist x

    1. Ohhh you make me so excited to get my hands on it. H&M is very high on my list; would love to share more on my blog about them. Kat Von D also has such stunning products and everyone ALWAYS raves about them. The Shade and Light palette is beautiful and I think it would look so good on you. x Nikita

  3. I am so in love with all NYX products! They have a lot of great products but my favorite products have to be their eyebrow pencils and their butter glosses which I so recommend.

    Samara // themarshallwardrobe.blogspot.com

    1. I need to make a trip down to the NYX Store. All of you are making me want to buy more stuff! I'll definitely check them out x Nikita


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