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by - 15.6.17

There has been quite a bit of hype surrounding Primark's makeup range, especially the PS Pro Range which claims to offer a more luxurious group of products. I've seen a lot of "Testing --- Makeup" videos going around but I have still yet to see a full and comprehensive review on each product. I WANT TO KNOW MORE! So here I am attempting to fill that gap. Let's get into the review.


The foundation is in a frosted glass bottle which feels quite luxurious in my opinion. It has a pump as well so PRAISE THE LORDS for that. It doesn't feel too heavy. About one and a half pumps is enough to cover my face with a brush but you may need more with a brush. You get 32ml which is about the standard amount of product for any foundation. 


"Longwear Mineralized Foundation with SPF 15"


The foundation comes in five shades. 
02...Warm Beige
03...Rich Beige

I don't know where 04 went either, maybe we should ask them. Of course, I went for 05, the darkest shade. The lightest shade looked really pale, something I don't see from other foundations in the drugstore so if you do find it difficult to find something that suits you, then I would recommend giving this a try. The foundation gets warmer undertones as they get darker. 01 is quite cool toned. 


The foundation has a natural finish and it would probably suit people with dry skin more than those with oily skin. I do have oily skin and I find that with a good powder, it usually stays on well throughout the day, so it has good longevity. I found it quite easy to blend out and all my other powder products go on really well over it. My highlight still looks poppin! I would say that it has a medium-ish coverage depending on how much you apply, but it's definitely buildable to a full coverage. It's the perfect amount of coverage for everyday wear. Don't apply this with your hands, it really doesn't work!

The product feels a bit sticky at first but then it slowly skins in and you don't have that problem anymore. I would highly recommend that you set this with a powder, regardless of skin type to ensure it stays in place.


I've been using this quite regularly and I've been testing out the results after different periods of time. If you have oily skin and are doing an activity that makes you sweat, don't go for this foundation. If you have dry skin, thumbs up for any day of any activity. After about 12hrs of wear, it does settle in some lines and looks streaky. After a couple of hours, I start to get oily, but that's a problem I have with every foundation.

If you have oily skin, then the powder I use is either the Essence All About Matt Translucent Powder or the Catrice Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder. It works with loose powders and baking as well.


If you're on a budget like me and find it hard to get a proper foundation shade, especially if you're pale, then yes, go for it! If you're a fan of full coverage or a matte finish, then I would stay away from it. The big question is would I repurchase it. Well, it retails for 7 Euros which isn't that cheap when you compare it to other brands like Essence or Catrice but neither of those brands have a shade that will match me. I think I'll go ahead and say...YES! I would repurchase this because it just suits my needs well but I do wish that they would come out with one that had a matte finish because it would suit my skin better.

x Nikita

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  1. Haha, I'm really curious about #4. There's got to be a reason that they skipped out on it.

    If you find a shade that matches your skin and the quality is decent, hold onto it! My lack of make-up experience means that I'm always so afraid that I'll get an orange outline on my neck.

    Great post, N!

    Detailed and passionate!


    1. Ahaha I looked in lots of stores and online and I could never find a trace of it so it's a bit strange. I think you shouldn't be afraid to give things a go because you never know what you'll find works for you. We all make mistakes; take it from me because I'm not pro! x Nikita


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