Why I Find It Hard To Trust "Beauty Gurus" Anymore

by - 28.6.17

(slight exaggeration here but I had to throw in a New Girl reference because someone aka me has been binge watching a lot A LOT of New Girl)

Where do I start? Well, I guess the most obvious place to start is the beginning. I also want to ask you to take everything you're reading here with a grain of salt. This is just my opinion that I'm sharing and yes, I am generalising a bit, but if I talk about every single individual, we'll be here all day.

I've been watching YouTube for years and it really has grown so much since then. When I first started watching YouTube, I would say about 3 years ago, there weren't that many "Influencers". There were still a few very well known people of course; Zoella, Tanya Burr, Jaclyn Hill and NikkiTutorials. I used to watch them and look up to them. They had all these amazing products and were so good at doing all these different looks, something I could only ever dream of. I had just started out with makeup and I wanted to take all their recommendations.

My outlook has definitely changed now. I'm not as young anymore so I understand things better I guess. There are so many amazing YouTubers now, don't get me wrong. But suddenly it seems like getting 1 million followers isn't that big of a deal anymore. Now that there are so many more people watching YouTube and it's an ever growing community, everyone seems to be hitting 1 million followers. And now that there are people with 11 million followers, 1 million doesn't seem like a big deal to some people. And that's so wrong. It really is because it's such an achievement. Of course, there are still people who are grateful and you can see how genuine they are.

However for some, the fame really seems to be getting to their head. I'm not naming names here because this isn't about throwing someone down. But with so many followers, come so many great opportunities; trips, PR packages, collaborations. When I look at description boxes of some big "Beauty Gurus", all I see are affiliate links. It's such a shame. They have so many people following them, people who will buy things just based on their recommendations. But how do you know that they're telling the truth?

I've heard recently that YouTubers aren't allowed to say shit about some brands because they won't be invited on trips anymore and taken of the PR list. I've seen this with some brands like Benefit and Too Faced, two brands that I don't support. It may not seem like they gain a lot by lying to us, but YouTubers do. And I understand, you need to pay the bills, etc. but that doesn't mean you compromise your integrity. That's what I think is wrong. I don't know if you've noticed, but Morphe backs a lot of YouTubers so they always plug Morphe, even if the products aren't good. I don't know because I've never tried Morphe products before, but it's just an example. Gerard Cosmetics bullying smaller beauty vloggers (this happened in 2015 I believe). How can you expect people to trust your opinion if this is how you behave?

I don't really know what to say. Of course, I'm going to keep watching YouTube, but I've unsubscribed from a lot of channels (around about 50 I would say), not only because of this but a lot of them, not just Beauty Gurus, I'm finding their content quite boring and repetitive to be honest. Once again, just my opinion.

There are obviously YouTubers who I love and admire and I will keeping watching their videos. I'll list some of them here, but I truly believe that these people are honest and post whatever they like for their subscribers.

  • Bella Fiori (She recently posted an Anti-Haul and towards the end, talked about some things I mentioned so I 100% recommend you watch that and her Mystery Mondays are AMAZING!)
  • Sophie @ Sophdoesnails (She reviews a ton of drugstore brands and does a great job)
  • Casey Holmes (LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!)
  • COCOCHIC (She does a great drugstore videos and her makeup skills are insane!)
  • Eve Bennett (So genuine and so honest, plus she also does Revision videos)
  • Molly @ Beauty Spectrum (A great mix of various videos)
  • Fabulous Hannah (So down to Earth and does some really innovative videos sometimes)
  • Gabriella Lindley (She's really opened up and I have a lotta respect for the girl)
  • Just Jodes (I really enjoy her Testing Makeup videos)
  • Ibz Mo (He ain't no Beauty Guru but he's probably the most hilarious person on Youtube. LOVE HIM!)
  • Sophie Foster (Honest and amazing reviews)
  • Tammi Clarke (She represents all the dark skinned girls out there and always looks flawless)
  • Tati (Well who doesn't know here? Despite her followers, she always gives real opinions)
  • UnJaded Jade (A bundle of positivity and motivation; absolutely love her unique style!)
  • Zoe Louise (One of my really good friends who I think deserves wayyyy more subscribers)
What are your thoughts? Is everyone really genuine? 
x Nikita

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  1. I love that you've been so honest in this post, as it can be so hard to share your opinion on the internet without have a backlash! I don't understand how people can each 1 million and not think it's a big deal, some people can only dream of numbers like that, so it's crazy that it means so little to some people! Great post lovely xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Thank you! It can be hard but I like to give an honest opinion. The world is changing so quickly and people are changing with it. It's such a shame. Thanks for reading hun! x Nikita


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