Imagination is an Escape amongst the Misery

This is something a little different than what I normally do, but I thought that I should branch out a bit and share my passion for writing as well. I hope you like it as much as I do. I really enjoyed writing it because I honestly LOVE creative writing so much, and hopefully, this will make you fall in love with it too.
A desolate, secluded tree stood in the valley; almost as outcast as her. Its branches were as bare as the mirrored moon in resting seas. The tree was a withering child, slumped over and quivering in the bitter cold wind. It seemed exposed and paralyzed like the hollow soul of a lost child. Much of the tree had been crippled by the constant gusts of the ruling wind. It bowed with the heavy load it was carrying, bending towards the floor. 

There it stands above me, a vastness so huge one cannot even begin to imagine of what lies beyond. Swirling smoky clouds painted the sky a dove-grey but strokes of cobalt blue took over. As she walked across the cobbled path, she watched as these polar opposites merge together, into one, in a symphony of infinite peace. But she could still feel the veil of oblivion that hung in the air.
Luminous petals of silver freckled the inky canopy. The encompassing darkness had blotted out all but the faintest of light. The velvety darkness seemed terrifying yet enticing. It seems colossal yet the collapsed sky seemed logical in its own way. The clouds seemed to have developed a sudden fascination for the moon and wrapped themselves tightly around it. It was not completely night yet but she wished it was so she could forget her sorrows of today. She never wanted this day to come again.

Hoods of black shadow hung under the groves. They were as dark as the empty heart of an abandoned soul, as forgotten as a dead man’s memories. Its depressing look infected the air with misery.

Getting through the night alone was the toughest part but she felt connected to this place; it was like home. Her sea green eyes glistened like a path of emeralds in the sun. They wandered, searching the deep hollows of the land. Her hazel hair was parted perfectly in the center and swooped into a braid that lead into a neat bun by the nape of her neck. Not a single loose strand hung out. At a first glance, her face was a creamy porcelain dream, but a light rosy blush brought some colour to her face. The curve of her nose was smooth and seamless as if her face had been built only to support such a perfect structure. Her eyelashes were like the wicks of many extinguished candles. Her plain visage was just mask that hid the true beauty that was her heart. Lips as thin as paper curved downwards complementing her rounded jaw. Her brow was soft and serene with purity.

Long and sleepless nights were written all over her face. Even at her tender age, endless years of suffering were etched onto the curves on her serene mask; they were almost like wrinkles.
Beneath the jutting stone ledge, she sat hunched into a ball, knees tight against her chest. Most people want to conserve memories, but she wanted to forget. She wanted to empty her mind as if nothing happened. But it was like heavy metal chains were fastened to her feet so she couldn’t escape her world of misery and torment. The pain is was just turning into a feeling of emptiness in her heart. All she wanted to do was to erase it from her thoughts and purge it from her memories but that was the thing; she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. She had succumbed to torture and sorrow for she could not bring herself to forget and move on.

She stood in the middle of the universe alone wondering if there was anyone else feeling the same thing as her. A whirlpool of thoughts were speeding through her mind, but she just couldn’t make sense of them. Everything seemed hopeless to her. She was like a rock in the sand full of diamonds. Her life was a moonless night: pitch black and overcast. She was unable to see stars anymore. “A meteor had fallen over the horizon; everything had gone black.”

x Nikita


  1. This is such a stunning piece of text. I love how imaginative you have been and how much depth you have gone in to! thank you for sharing!

    Sophia xo //

    1. Thank you so much! It means the world to me! xx Nikita

  2. such a beautifully written text! I would definitely love to read more of your writting if you are willing to share it with us!
    Lucie, xx

    1. Thank you babe! I would love to share more with you guys. It makes my heart very happy xx Nikita

  3. This was beautifully written! You definitely have the potential to be an author

    Chelle xx


    1. Thank you Chelle! I honestly can't even take that compliment, it makes me so very happy xx Nikita


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