The Beauty in the World Lies in The Diversity of its People

by - 9.8.17

"The Beauty in the World Lies in the DIVERSITY of its People"

I read Grace F Victory's post just a few minutes before I started typing this and I fell in love with every word she said. She is my idol (and she even re-tweeted my tweet OMG!!) and I've always loved how open she is to talking about whatever the hell is on her mind. She really is a symbol of empowerment for women all over the world. After reading what she had to say about "The Lack of Diversity in Blogging", I wanted to throw in my two cents as well.

It's hard to explain how WOC feel when they walk into a makeup store and walk out with nothing an hour later, purely because makeup brands don't cater to us. Why not? Can anyone tell me why the beauty industry isn't welcoming to POC? Is it really that hard to add shades to your range to suit people of very fair and very dark skin? 

In fact, it's not just beauty. Today's world and social media make us believe that the way we look plays a huge part in how our life is going to play out and the opportunities you get. And sadly, in some ways, it's very true. We're in 2017 and things still haven't progressed. The clothes that are "on trend" are made for the typical body type of "thin and lean". I'm not trying to be rude or stereotypical but unfortunately, that's the truth.

In 2017, I hardly see any bloggers who aren't white, who aren't thin, who don't wear on trend clothes and drink skinny lattes. That's the image that we have created for "the blogger". Why should it be that way? Why can't people be a bit more broad-minded and realize that there are other people of other body figures and other skin tones?

We are stuck in the phase where brands don't want to work with you because of the way you look, the things you wear, the brands you use and the colour of your skin. They want tall, tan white girls with long blonde ombred hair and the latest brands, with stylish handbags and Quay sunglasses. I'm not telling you to not support them or work with them, I just saying that there are so many people out there, all over the world who are just as good at what they do. When some people hear this, they say that they've never seen this happen. And it makes me SOOO angry to hear that. So I'm going to give you an example. Huda Beauty. Huda Beauty refuses to post WOC on her Instagram unless it is to ridicule them. It's bullshit. How can someone be so heartless?

WOC are often accused of using makeup to lighten their skin tones. No, that's not the case at all. In fact, they just use makeup to help combat some hyper-pigementation which might cause their skin to look lighter. There is so much stigma around the reasons why people wear makeup and usually, they're completely off the mark.

I have felt for a long time that my skin isn't beautiful because it's dark. I felt that I can't look pretty because of the colour of my skin. And I've changed my mind. Dark skin is beautiful. But the fact that I can't find anything in store to match my skin tone makes me feel like it isn't. Even when I go to India, I notice a lot of people using shades of foundation fairer than their skin tone and I didn't understand why at first. After having a look around, I realized that even in India, INDIAN brands don't cater to dark skinned people. In India! Where the majority of people are on the deeper end of the spectrum.

When a brand comes out with shades catered to WOC, then people assume that we have no right to complain. I can commend and criticise a brand as much as I want. There's no point coming out with darker shades that aren't even dark enough. 'Light Tan' isn't dark enough. If you are going to expand your shade range, then please PLEASE do it properly. Don't half-ass it.

I just want to end the way I started, with a short quote to keep this idea in your mind.

"The Beauty in the World Lies in the DIVERSITY of its People"

I hope that you can be an advocate for diversity and WOC like I am trying to be.
x Nikita

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  1. I enjoyed reading this post Nikita. In some ways we've come so far, but in others it's sad to think how backwards things still are in 2017. There is still a lot of discrimination in a lot of different ways - as a woman I definitely feel that. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to struggle to find makeup that represents your skin colour. Brands need to wake up! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. Thank you so much! It's so saddening how people still aren't able to recognize the issues in today's day. I hope that one day (soon!), I have a lot more options. Not everyone has $50 to spend on a foundation or a concealer. Thanks for the kind words xx Nikita

  2. This is so eye opening, it's crazy to think that we are in 2017 and brands still aren't catering for everybody. I totally agree that the stereotypical blogger is seen a certain way, but as the community grows and grows I'm hoping aspects of it will change, as all of us don't look the same and that's okay xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Completely! 100% agree with everything. It's beyond me how we are still having to raise awareness for simple things like catering to everyone's skin tone, skin type, size and preference. It sucks and hopefully, brands will get a knock in their head and things will change. The same can be said for the blogging community x People need to start to be more accepting xx Nikita

  3. Wow I honestly didn't know about that thing with Huda Beauty! I do think it's a shame that there still hasn't been a huge change in catering for different people. I went to the drugstore a few weeks ago, and there were only three shades in a new popular concealer and they were all quite light. I think some brands are quite good with wide shade ranges, but there's still quite a few that aren't xx

    Velvet Blush

    1. I agree that some brands do cater for a large range of skin tones, but that I doesn't mean that I'm willing to spend a lot of money. I really want drugstore brands to step it up because I'm truly a drugstore gal at heart. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts xx Nikita


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