What I Got for my 17th Birthday

AYYY I TURNED 17! Happy Birthday to Me! Guys, I've actually managed to make it this far in life; it blows my mind. So last year, I did a birthday wishlist and not a What I Got for My Birthday but I think I've just become more nosy over this past year and I'd rather see what people received than what they want. And I didn't ask for anything in specific/didn't want anything in specific.

Like I did in my What I Got for Christmas Haul (2017), I'm going to split them into categories rather than friends, just because I think it worked well and was a lot easier.


I received a very nice Cath Kidston Rose Gift Set. It contains a Shower Gel, a Body Lotion, a Scented Soap and Bath Crystals, as well as a little towel. I love the bag this comes in as well because I can use it when I travel, rather than those cardboard things gift-sets usually come in. I was also kindly gifted two Spa Secrets Shower Foams. This is such an underrated brand because all their bath and body items are absolutely uh-mazing. All their scents are lovely and they're super affordable as well. Out of the two I got, one is in the Coconut Water and Frangipani scent, and the other is in the Maracuja and Acai Berry scent. I'll definitely be enjoying my foams in the shower (these are SO nice to use!).

I got two scrunchies; one's a teal blue and one's a pinky colour. Scrunchies are so cute and they go with any look so I'm glad to add these to my collection.

A very, very generous gift that I was really kindly gifted by 6-7 of my friends was this classic black Longchamp handbag. It's so stunning and I cannot thank them enough for spoiling me like this.


The main present from my parents was a Fossil Watch. It's a beautiful white watch with a white leather strap and blue detailing. It also shows the date at the bottom in the middle. It's super comfortable to wear as well. I absolutely love this! I received this as an early present and so far, I've worn it to my Work Experience and Model United Nations Conference.

For Christmas, I bought myself a Pandora charm bracelet. My parents bought me a circular teal charm to go on it. It's so pretty and adds some colour to my bracelet. (Teal Lattice Murano Glass Charm here - DISCONTINUED) My brother bought me the cutest little charm of a kangaroo with a baby in its pouch. (Kangaroo Charm here). Both of them look really beautiful on my bracelet. 

I also was gifted a pretty little dainty necklace. I love these because they match with everything and I'm going to get a lot of use out of this one. Another gift I LOVE are some gold hoop earrings that cross over each other. It's quite hard to explain but I hope you can see what I mean from the image. You put them on like studs so they're really easy to wear. Finally, I also got some little dolphin earrings which actually match perfectly with my teal charm. All of the jewelry I got it is so pretty. (I know I keep saying that but I'm not too good with synonyms)


I got three new jumpers as well. All three of them are from Pull and Bear, and considering I've never owned anything from there before, this was a real influx. Two of them are chunky-knit, oversized sweaters. One is the grey one pictured below with stripes and another has multiple shades of pink. The final one from PB is a burgundy crewneck that says New York on it (link). They're all really comfy and perfect for this really cold spell of weather that's hitting us right now.

My favourite gifts were the thoughtful cards I got. They were all so touching to read and I honestly loved everyone's gifts/cards so much. Thank you to everyone who wished me and made my birthday special. I can't believe that I'm going to turn 18 next year but there's still some time for that (don't get ahead of yourself Nikita!).

Thank you guys for reading! I hope all you nosy people out there enjoyed this post. 
x Nikita


  1. Happy Birthday Lovely!! Hope you have had a fab day xx

  2. Sorry for the lateness here baby, I hope you had such an amazing day, you deserve it! x Here's to another year of amazingness from you! You got some stunning things here - I especially love the necklace. It is rather dainty and sweet, isn't it?! x
    Marina Rosie xx

    1. Thank you so much babe! Everything really is gorgeous x Missed hearing from you xx Nikita


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